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Permanent Positions

Unified understands how daunting and time consuming it can be when on the journey to secure your next permanent job. The job market is highly competitive and standing out in front of a potential employer based on an online application is a challenge.

Unified has clients nationwide that are in need of Registered Nurses, Allied Professionals, Supervisors and Managers in Nursing and Allied, Case Managers, Nurse Educators, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Quality Managers and a variety of other specialties. We work on behalf of our clients to find the perfect fit for their long-term hiring needs.

Unified is here to work on your behalf if you are seeking a permanent position. It is important to note that if you have already applied with facilities you desire to work with, we cannot present you to our hiring contact since they already have your information on file. We strongly recommend you contact one of our Placement Counselors before applying direct with a healthcare facility.


Unified Healthcare Staffing, a Joint Commission certified business since 2005, is a healthcare professionals one stop solution for career advancement. Further your healthcare career by searching for available positions in:

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