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Per Diem

Unified is the premier company for local per diem jobs in California. Per Diem is a great option for healthcare professionals that are either local or on a travel contract and would like to pick up extra shifts because they are not getting enough hours at a permanent job, or simply want to make more money!

We can offer either traditional day-to-day staffing options, or long-term blocked staffing for up to a month.  Just give us your available dates, and we will get you working.


The hourly pay rates for per diem vary based on geographic location, specialty and hospital. Per Diem pay is higher than you will find with travel since you do not incur housing or travel costs.  As with all of our opportunities in California, we abide by California law which requires payment of time and a half your base pay after eight hours worked per day. With that, you will receive four hours of overtime for each twelve hour shift you work.

Note, it does not matter where the agency you work for is located, if you work in California, you are to be paid per California law.  For example, if the twelve hour shift rate is $630.00 – this is paid as the first eight hours at $45.00 per hour, the next four hours is overtime (x 1.5) which is $67.50 per hour.  We hear that Nurses are paid straight time for twelve hour shifts by some other agencies because the agencies tell the overtime is over forty (40) hours per week in all States EXCEPT California.  We encourage all of our Nurses to work extra shifts at either their contracted hospital or in another hospital through our registry. When you work extra shifts at another facility, your pay rate increases to the higher Per Diem rate. This rate will vary depending on the hospital. Working extra is how our Nurses are making $3000.00 per week.  They work their three contracted shifts and then work the two extra shifts.  This is totally optional but most Nurses prefer to do this.  Your extra shifts are scheduled for you through our Registry per diem division when you choose to work extra over your contracted shifts. Since Unified was initially nurse owned and operated, we have been in your shoes. We treat all of our employees as part of our extended family and with that comes respect, honesty, integrity and loyalty. When you work with Unified you can feel assured that we pass the “buck” onto you. There are never hidden “fees” in our pay rates or benefits.

List of Benefits

  • Health insurance coverage through an ACA compliant Plan. Coverage available for dependents and families
  • Daily overtime and double time
  • Weekly pay and direct deposit
  • RN Licensure assistance
  • Free CEU's under our BRN provider number
  • All Federal and State payroll taxes paid
  • Unified pays for your malpractice insurance and worker's compensation insurance

Insurance & Taxes

Unified pays for your Malpractice Insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance and all mandated Federal and State payroll taxes.

If you are shopping around please be careful; we have Nurses calling us every day who got slammed with taxes at the end of the year because their agency was not paying their payroll taxes or were paying tax free wages. Also, be sure that the company you work for is paying for your Malpractice and Worker's Compensation Insurance.


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