I wanted to create a company that works for the Nurse rather than the other way around – a company that appreciates and nurtures the Professional” - Linda Agostini RN, BSN, MA

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Two things: Bullying and progress on our Nurses’ Book:

Can we please just get along?

Why are we Nurses so mean to our Nurse colleagues? I spend my days fighting with hospital Charge Nurses about Nurses who are being bullied by the staff Nurses at that hospital. When the Nurse attempts to either defend his or herself or even ask a civil question, that Nurse is seen by the hospital Nursing staff as having attitude! When is this going to stop. I don’t know if any of you are aware but the problem is so bad nationally that the Joint Commission has actually come out with a statement from them validating that “bullying” (and yes they use this word) is rampant in Nursing and has become a major patient safety issue. Why do we do this to each other? I have loved Nurses and the incredible work that they do for many years. It breaks my heart to continue to see us “eating our young” and “bullying” each other. I have been a Nurse a long time my friends and I will tell you the following: until we stop this, our profession will never get to where it needs to be. We will never lead Healthcare and we will see our roles change without our input.

The Book is coming along

If you haven’t contributed, please email me. As most of you know, this is a “funny” book, we will do a more serious one later. Please email the funny things that have happened to you as a Nurse. The stories are hilarious. You do not have to identify yourself in the book if you choose not to do so. Please identify yourself to me however so if there are royalties (hopefully there will be), you will share in same. Remember, in the email, you have to give me permission to use your anecdote(s).

Love to all, Linda

Linda H. Agostini, RN, BSN , MA

Clinical Director and Owner
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