Agostini Healthcare Staffing was founded in 1986 in the San Francisco Bay Area by Linda Agostini, RN, BSN, MA. Linda had been a Director of Nursing and a Nurse Educator for over 15 years. As a Director of Nursing, she was exposed to agencies that provided mediocre service and inexperienced nurses to her hospitals. She chose to open her own registry to solve this problem.

Agostini’s Home Health Division was Joint Commission accredited in 1996. Unified was awarded Joint Commission certification for healthcare staffing services in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012.

In 2014 Agostini Healthcare Staffing joined forces with Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc. to form Unified Healthcare Staffing. Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc. has a long legacy of providing clinical staff to hospitals throughout California. Its’ roots within the Allied Health Community, particularly Respiratory Therapy, extend to the late 1960’s. Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc. was the first California based staffing company to receive certification from the Joint Commission, achieving that status in 2005. For most of the last three decades, Per Diem has been the leading supplier of Respiratory Therapy professionals in Northern California.

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About Founder Linda Agostini RN, BSN, MA

“It is our Nurses’ job to care for their patients. It is our job to care for our Nurses. Nurses are incredible. What other professional do you know that can process the amount of data that we do instantaneously, make an assessment and take an immediate action so critical to another person’s life and to do this over and over again every day. Nurses are very special people. We must nurture our strength and recognize these abilities within ourselves as Nurses and believe in and nurture these abilities in each other.
Excerpt from a speech to the Texas Nurses’ Association in 1980  by Linda Agostini RN, BSN, MA entitled: “The Only True Focus of an Effective Nursing Administration”

After three years in Nursing Education in San Antonio, Texas and fifteen years in Nursing Administration as a Director of Nursing in Texas and California Hospitals, Linda had a vision of a Nursing Agency that would be owned by Nurses and that would serve the Nurse as opposed to the other way around. Agencies were and are owned by large corporations which were and are traded on Wall Street and governed by profit for the companies as opposed to involving the Nurses in any profits. Agencies were not supervised by Nurses or any Healthcare professionals. Linda said “it is time for Nurses to work for Nurses and themselves and not for big business”.

Linda dreamed of a company that would provide the Nurses with autonomy, freedom over their lives and schedules, the ability to practice Nursing without the pressures and politics present in so many hospitals and the opportunity to profit from their hard work. That vision started as Agostini Nurse Staffing in 1986 and her devotion to Nurses and her love for the very special work that they do forged this company out of nothing. Her vision continues to govern us today. Our major Corporate Core Value is to serve as support and advocate to our Nurses and other clinical Allied staff. We are not governed by a Corporate Board of Directors or stockholders on Wall Street. We are governed by the needs of our Nursing and Allied Clinical staff. Our response to their needs is our business plan and has been so since the company was founded by Linda in 1986. Linda’s other dream was for this company, Agostini Healthcare Staffing, to serve as an incubator for other Nurses and Healthcare professionals to start their own businesses. After twenty eight years in business, we remain totally devoted to our clinical staff and to Linda’s vision.

Linda's philosophy is that our job is at the bedside and not simply at the staffing office. Our responsibility to our hospitals is to provide the most qualified and competent staff to the patients in that hospital. We take this responsibility very seriously and evidence of this is contained in our strict screening and credentialing procedures and in our references from the hospitals that we have staffed for over 28 years.